Applying for a US visa, you have to provide social media

As the United States began to fill out their social media account information for the past 5 years, Phi O began to fill out วีซ่าเข้าไทย information for the younger siblings. P’O brought it to see what it looked like. It must provide social media information. (username used in social media), email address and telephone number Someone asked me, “Which Social Media 2 Account should I use?” Answered honestly, “We should submit an account that has been used for more than 5 years and is an account that we really use”, some people thought. That he took the account that he rarely played, he could not verify it. but don’t forget that the United States technology has developed how far Maybe he could check it in other ways. more evasive I’m more suspicious.

What information does the new rule check?

o Posting or sharing anything related to illegal activities
o Check family members and whether the applicant is related to terrorism or not
o the situation of the visa applicant’s travel abroad

*People who are exempt from the new regulations Those who apply for diplomatic visas, government jobs and those who have previously applied for visas do not have to send social media information backwards.