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slots formulas. Make a lot of money – no matter how many years have passed, slots games can still be the most popular games in many casinos. For gamblers always because of the slots games that have been developed. And always adapted to the times, it can be said that it appeals to teenagers all the time, so it still can attract new gamblers to always enjoy this game.

One of the ways to classify slots easily can be done by looking at the number of ‘Reels’ and ‘Lines’ open the source of jackpot slots that many people never know. Although it can be further divided into several categories, but generally fall within these two groups, the

word ‘wheel’ refers to the spinning part of the game. It cannot be said that it is a slot for the original game is a 3-reel slot, although nowadays it looks similar, but what is different is the modernity. By using computers to calculate the results instead.

Divided by the number of Pay-line,

there are only 1 pay line slot with 3 reels. is the horizontal line in the middle If the symbols match on that pay line, the player wins immediately? But in modern slots it’s not that simple anymore. because there are more lines

with unique line patterns make it more challenging but has a high reward Players can easily increase their chances of winning by betting on every pay line. If the symbols match any line, the prize money will be awarded.

Generally, games can be found with lines ranging from 3, 5, 25 to 50 lines, while some games may not even have Pay-line at all. Just arrange the symbols from left to right. This uniform is called the 243 streak that is very popular in Australia. There are also 7-reel slots, but they are still quite difficult to play. Makes it difficult to tell if it will be desirable for most gamblers or not.

classified by jackpot type

In addition, slots can also be classified by type of jackpot as well. They are divided into two types, ‘fixed jackpot’ and ‘progressive jackpot’. With a prize money of up to 50,000 baht, a fixed one is probably the best, but if it’s a progressive one, it’s a different story. because the prize money will increase continuously When a player spins the slot, the highest value jackpot ever is Mega Millions with a value of up to 300 million baht.

Progressive slots can also be subdivided into 2 more types: accumulating jackpot money. Only machines or collecting prizes via the Internet network means many slot machines that are connected together. with prize money joint jackpot

Most of them will have prize money ranging from Hundreds of thousands to millions Sure, chances of winning the jackpot Progressive model will be reduced according to the number of machines. where to connect