Online slots with bonuses and types of winnings

Online slots with types of rewards or bonuses available

The prize money for playing online slots that online gamblers want to break apart are generally divided into 2 major categories, the prizes that are awarded as “privileges” to spin the reels for free without wagering or calling That Free Spin, normally each game stipulates that this type of free spin privileges occur when 3 to 4 scatter symbols appear at the same time when 3 to 4 scatter symbols appear. “money”

This type of money prize can also be divided into 2 types: Bonus, which has a small amount ranging from 1 times the invested amount to more than 50 times the invested amount. Divided into different levels: Bigwin / Super Bigwin and Mega Bigwin, these three types of bonus funds can be triggered at any time, especially when the WILD

symbol appears in several places. position of one rotation The second type of prize money, called Jackpot, is the highest value prize money that the online slots game has set according to the conditions, rules, rules of playing each type of game. Can see details and understand in the menu of the use of that slot game format.

Types of Jackpots in Slot Games

Jackpot prize money Jackpot of betting in online slots is a type of prize money that the slot game camp has set a fixed amount and called Fixed Jackpot, like the 1st prize money of the lottery that is issued each draw. It was taken from the investment of players around the world together. Cut the profit from the gaming camp to the online game gamblers.

Another type of jackpot prize in online slots known as Progressive Jackpot is formed by accumulating the stakes of every player. who come to place bets spin the wheel of that game The more people play, the more bets through the program of slot games will accumulate more and more prize money. The more you spin the wheel, the bigger your winnings will be.

Once the Progressive Jackpot or the accumulated jackpot has been broken. will start collecting new ones like this continuously, never ending