Play blackjack for a lot of money

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack game of skill And the hottest hit right now at Simba88. Having said that, blackjack is now a very popular game in online casinos. and all casinos Blackjack can be played by multiple people. But everyone has to compete with the dealer to win only. The origin of blackjack is in Europe. And it happened around 1601, when playing blackjack online, players can learn it quickly, easy to play, no hassle. Winning is having 21 points from the first two cards. which we call it blackjack or call until the point is close to 21 and must be greater than the dealer to win For the same points as 21, but not from the first two cards The person who gets blackjack from the first two cards first wins, which is now because blackjack is easy to play and fun. Made it very popular in another online casino game. Which players are constantly interested in each other, so we will bring everyone to know more about this game.

Rules for playing blackjack online

All players around the table are dealt a total of two cards from the dealer. The cards are clearly face-up. The principle of playing blackjack is to beat the dealer with 21 points, while playing, all players who have received both cards. It can be decided against the cards with the options that we will discuss later. You can summon as many cards as you want, giving you a score of 21, but not more than that. And do not exceed 21 points as well, because if the hand is exceeded, the hand will lose immediately.

Card counting in blackjack

• Cards from 2 to 9 are worth their face value

• 10 JQK cards are worth 10 points

• Aces or A cards are worth 1 point or 11 points depending on the card in blackjack. What is the total hand?

• The total of the cards equals 21 is Blackjack.

The playing options that the player can act on the cards

1). Requesting more cards.

asking for more cards or ask for that draw You can call cards as you like until your card value is 21.

2). Playing

Cards Standing is where you don’t want your hand to add more. You are satisfied with the points you have.

3). Double your bet.

In this case, you look at the dealer’s card and that They have less chances of winning than you. And you are sure that you will get blackjack, so you can choose to double your bet. But you will only be drawn one more card.

4). Insurance

When the dealer’s first face-up card is A, the game will call insurance. To prevent the risk that you will lose blackjack. If the dealer has 21, you get half your stake back. If the card has been opened The dealer doesn’t score 21 or blackjack. The game will continue. If the points are tied You will then be able to get your money back.

5). Splitting the cards.

If the hand of the first two cards is a pair, for example 2,2 4,4 A,A, you can split the cards into two hands. by betting money It must be equal to your main bet. which can deal with cards like normal playing

An overview of how to play blackjack

• To play blackjack. If your card value exceeds 21, it will be lost immediately. And lose the bet

• When all the players around the table have decided to act on their own cards. The dealer will show his cards to everyone. and if the dealer has 17 points in each turn The dealer will not need to draw any more cards. They will be on this card

• To win blackjack, you have two cards on your first deal and it’s 21, but if not, you only need more than the dealer to win. But do not exceed 21 points

And this is a concise and easy to understand explanation of playing blackjack in online casinos. Of course, new players may not be familiar with the game. But you can apply these methods to study and follow immediately. How to play blackjack is in the whole process that we have explained for you here.