Share Baccarat vocabulary that you don’t know yet.

for new players And those interested in baccarat online who do not understand specific terms in playing baccarat, baccarat online. Popular card games that are becoming very popular right now. It is a game that has a method of playing similar to Pok Deng. Use only 3 cards for winning and losing decision, so it doesn’t take much time to play, easy to play, quick money

for online baccarat masters. will have specific vocabulary that can understand the group of players themselves but for amateurs They may not be as familiar with, never heard, or not understand the meaning of these terms as a professional. So we have the term Baccarat online. Come to recommend for all amateurs and people who are interested in online baccarat

1. Dealer – is the use of an English transliteration from the word Dealer, which means the operator of the game. In playing baccarat online game operators is the person who distributes the cards

2. Khong – cards that are shuffled. or have already switched positions Ready to play baccarat online

3. Red – Red is the color of the dealer. Red words to play baccarat online Is to choose to bet on the banker

4. Blue – Blue is the color of the player’s side. The word blue to play baccarat online. Is to choose to bet on the player.

5.Big or Big – means the bettor. To bet on baccarat online that will draw more cards to play at

6. batted – means that the first two cards to play baccarat online with a total of 8 or 9

7. cards. Pair – Refers to the first two cards in Baccarat. are cards of the same type or have the same number

8. Player pair cards – means betting on playing baccarat online. that the player’s side will issue a pair of cards

9. Banker’s pair – means betting in online baccarat. that the banker will issue a pair of cards

10. Stay – used to say when playing baccarat online and do not want to draw more cards Because the cards have already been satisfied in

11. Tennis – win situation when switching back and forth between the player and the banker on Baccarat Online

12 commission – a commission model similar to tax. That is when we bet and win in gambling games. Will have to pay part of the cost to the casino or casino. calculated as a percentage according to the agreement But if you choose to play baccarat online No commission will be charged.