Teach you how to look at the payout ratio of baccarat card games

bets and payout ratios of the dealer and the player. Baccarat

bets on the player side will receive 1 : 1

bets on the banker will receive 1 : 1, but deducted Commission 5% to the dealer, for example, bet 100 baht, left 95 baht,

bet on the tie side, will receive 1: 8 money by betting that the sum of the 2 cards of the dealer and the player will be equal,

placing a bet on the pair, players will get 1 money : 11 by the two cards of the player showing the same face,

placing bets, the banker pairs will get money 1: 11 by the two cards of the dealer, the same face,

the card points

for the cards that are face cards shall be deemed to have a point of 0, so it shall be deemed that there is no point If a bounce poker Then wait to win the second card to be 8,9. As for A, it is considered a card with a point of 1. In case of adding a card and the point is more than 10, count only the last number, for example, 5 + 6 = 11 is considered as 1 point.

Stay or Draw

How to Play Baccarat Online Another point that is quite important is stay or draw It will be divided into 2 cases, namely of the player’s side and the banker, which will have the following conditions

Look at the total from the first 2 cards and decide.

More than 5 points are 6 – 9,

less than 6 points are 0 – 5, draw

if the dealer gets 8, 9 players do not have to draw more, the

dealer should have details. much for how to play baccarat By looking at the sum of the first 2 cards of the dealer compared to the 3 cards of the player, the

banker gets 6 points, while the player gets 6, 7 (draw 7 or take 8, 9 to win), the

banker gets 5 points, and the player Can play 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 (must win not less than 2 points, except players get 8 , 9 is considered winning)

The dealer gets 4 points, the player gets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (must win at least 2 points, except the player gets 8, 9 is considered winning), the

banker gets 3 points, and the player gets 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 9 , 0 (Player gets 8, the dealer doesn’t have to draw)

In case the dealer gets less than 3 points, draw in all cases, regardless of the player’s cards.

In summary, teach you how to look at the payout rate of the Baccarat card game.

The method of observing is not difficult, but we have to understand our cards first whether the points are enough to win the other side or not. You will get 1x money if you win, but if you place the banker side You will get 0.95 if the banker wins. But if you play with our website If you land on the banker (banker) and win, you will get more than 0.95.