The two-cut card layout and the payout ratio of the Baccarat game

The two-cut card layout and the payout ratio of the Baccarat game


Reading the card layout and

the two-cut baccarat card is a card that produces no more than two consecutive wins. After winning twice in a row The cards will change to the opposite color immediately. There will be a way to play as follows. Wait when the cards of the same color are drawn twice.

In the next turn, bet on the opposite color immediately. As the example in the picture, you can see that when a card is drawn out of the same color twice, it will immediately cut off another color. Without leaving the same color for the 3rd time, such as in columns 1, 5, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15 and 16.

Payout Methods Players who win in baccarat betting games

usually pay 1 : 1. equal to the Player bet and for Banker bets, the payout rate is 95% (in the case of Banker bets there will be “5% commission for bank winners”)

Baccarat minimum 10 baht

Baccarat is a bet starting from 10 baht. Currently, online casinos have a minimum of 10 baht, baccarat and various casino gambling games. It is more popular in Thailand. because it is easily accessible by betting through online gambling website which is the center of various betting games
when baccarat is popular Causing many different techniques to be published, many gamblers share which are both available and some of them don’t work. Or some of the costs are not suitable for us. Today I’m going to present a baccarat technique. that can bet cheap baccarat and online casinos Get a beautiful profit for everyone to try to apply to each other. Baccarat at least 10 baht. What is a 1×2 ball?
In conclusion, when the gambler loses, the gambler only loses 50 baht per time, but if the gambler gets 2 times in a row, the gambler will immediately get a profit of 150 baht in 5 games. If the gambler loses 3 games and wins only 2. The game, the gambler is still at par, making money like this will reduce the chances of losing a lot. This recipe is very easy to make. Not a lot of capital is used. Suitable for Baccarat Players novice gambler